SMART Training Programmes

Call Closed: Atlantic Ocean Climate Scholars Programme 2016

The Atlantic Ocean Climate Scholars Programme is an intensive, accredited workshop on how climate and oceans interact for postgraduate students held in Galway, Ireland from 12th to 19th September 2016.

Call Closed: North South Atlantic Training Transect 2016

The 2016 North South Atlantic Training Transect (NoSoAT) will investigate Ocean, Atmosphere and Climate interactions on a transect from Bremerhaven, Germany to Cape Town, South Africa from 12th Nov to 12th Dec 2016.

Call Closed: SMARTSkills 2016: Research Vessel Equipment

The fourth annual SMARTSkills workshop on Research Vessel Equipment and Instrumentation will be held at the Marine Institute in Oranmore on Friday 29th April 2016.

Call Closed: Applied Marine Biological Sampling 2016

Continuous Professional Development Course from the 12th to 15th of April for Graduates, Researchers, Marine Industry Professionals and Observers.

This intensive Continuous Professional Development Course (CPD) is designed for graduates, researchers, marine professionals and observers  who wish to gain practical skills and experience in offshore biological sampling and data collection will run for four days from  the 12th to 15th of April 2016.

Course Topics include:

Call Closed: Eurofleets Access Programme 2016

Two berths are offered on the RV Polarstern for postgraduate students to participate in the EuroFleets2 BURSTER research survey from Bremerhaven to Svalbard.

Call Closed: SMARTSkills 2015: Imaging Marine Microorganisms

The third annual SMARTSkills workshop, Imaging Marine Microorganisms: Microscopy and Photography of Plankton, will take place on Monday 14th September in NUI Galway. The workshop aims to support early stage researchers in developing the practical ‘blue’ skills required to image plankton and will be hosted by NUI Galway and the Strategic Marine Alliance for Research and Training (SMART) and funded by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Call Closed: North South Atlantic Training Transect 2015

The North South Atlantic Training Transect (NoSoAT) from Bremerhaven (Germany) to Cape Town (South Africa) for graduates of marine-related sciences (29 Oct-2 Dec 2015)

Call Closed: Training Through Research Surveys (TTRS) 2015

TTRS provides mentored training opportunities in marine data collection onboard a series of dedicated research surveys with leading Irish and European Research Scientists

Call Closed: Science@Sea CPD Courses 2015

Science@Sea multidisciplinary CPD courses in marine science will take place from Sunday the 12th of Friday the 17th of April. These intensive two-day courses on the RV Celtic Voyager are aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students, researchers and professionals in marine science and technology disciplines.

Call Closed: EUROFLEETS2 Oceanographic Ship-based Training, RV Bios DVA, Croatia

Split, Croatia, 16th – 27th June 2015. This course offers an introduction to practical aspects of multidisciplinary oceanographic research at sea, and will train students in oceanographic sampling and data analysis related to marine physics, chemistry, biology and fisheries.