SMARTSkills 2015: Imaging Marine Microorganisms - Microscopy and Photography of Plankton

The third annual SMARTSkills workshop, Imaging Marine Microorganisms: Microscopy and Photography of Plankton, will take place on Monday 14th September in NUI Galway. The workshop aims to support early stage researchers in developing the practical ‘blue’ skills required to image plankton and will be hosted by NUI Galway and the Strategic Marine Alliance for Research and Training (SMART) and funded by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Morning workshop sessions will include lectures by leading Irish and International researchers on emerging technologies, sample preparation and a variety of imaging methods. Afternoon workshops will be led by Wim van Egmond (Micropolitan) and Dr Eileen Bresnan (Marine Scotland). These practical sessions will give delegates an opportunity for hands-on experience in sample preparation and imaging techniques using light and electron microscopy.

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