RV Celtic Voyager

The Celtic Voyager is the first purpose built research vessel commissioned and operated by the Marine Institute and is the training platform used on the majority of SMART offshore training programmes. The vessel is equipped with wet, dry and chemical laboratories and carries an extensive suite of sampling and data acquisition instrumentation and equipment.

In addition to carrying out training surveys for SMART and the third level sector across the Island of Ireland,  the Celtic Voyager undertakes a wide range of research and monitoring surveys  with fisheries, geological, oceanographic and environmental themes.  It also plays a central role in the deployment and maintenance of the network of data buoys around Ireland.  

You can track the vessel's current position using the Marine Institute’s vessel tracking system.

Background to Cork Harbour and Approaches Training Area

Cork harbour is used by SMART for many of its training surveys because of its sheltered location. The linked resources below outline the advantages of Cork Harbour as a training location for multidisciplinary marine science.

Background to the Cork Harbour Study Area. Andy Wheeler UCC

Cork Harbour Integrated Management Strategy.  COREPOINT (2008)


INFOMAR Charts of Cork Harbour and its Approaches

SMART training surveys and data collection in Cork Harbour are informed  by INFOMAR data.

INFOMAR Backscatter chart of Cork Harbour Channel and Approaches

INFOMAR Bathymetry chart of Cork Harbour Channel and Approaches

INFOMAR Shaded Relief Chart of Cork Harbour Channel and Approaches


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