Call Open: EUROFLEETS2 and European Graduate Training 2014

Two exciting opportunities for postgraduate marine science students in the Gulf of Finland (Estonia) and Messina (Sicily) this summer.  

The Gulf of Finland expedition will take place on the RV Salme in association with the Technical University of Tallinn focuses on novel oceanographic instrumentation and sensing technologies onboard the RV Salme. This two day survey takes place over two days from Tallinn and is supported by four days laboratory practicals and data exploration sessions on the campus of the Technical University.

At the other end of Europe postgraduate students will embark on the RV Urania for a four day multidisciplinary exploration of the Straits of Messina. Offshore activities are supported by two days of laboratories and lectures in association with the National Research Council of Italy.

Participation in both courses is funded by EUROFLEETS and partner institutes. Travel costs are borne by participants. To find out more and apply visit our EUROFLEETS2 and European Graduate Training 2014 webpage.