Strategic Marine Alliance for Research & Training (SMART)

The Strategic Marine Alliance for Research and Training (SMART) is a marine science partnership programme designed to further develop capacity in carrying out offshore operations on board research vessels for third level students of marine-related science and technologies.

This strategic collaborative inter-institutional programme is led and funded by Irish Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and the Marine Institute and is also supported by the Higher Education Authority (HEA).

Key Objectives
1. Develop integrated delivery of specifically tailored accredited offshore training courses for students of marine-related science and technologies, nationally and internationally.

2. Facilitate the creation of new skills and expertise which will be of direct benefit to science and industry, particularly in new and emerging technologies.

3. Increase cost effective collaboration and cooperation between a diverse range of independent higher education institutes and semi-state agencies with different institutional strengths.

4. Enhance value for money through coordinated use of national infrastructure and facilities to increase national marine science research capacity.

5. Act as a framework for further collaborative arrangements in marine research and training.

6. Ultimately establish Ireland as a world-class training centre for ship-based marine science and technology.